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Royal Rangers Thailand

The Royal Ranger program is focused on evangelising the world, equip the next generation of Christlike men, and empower lifelong servant leaders.

  • EVANGELISE - We preach the Gospel to the children and share with them the love of God.

  • EQUIP - We will train and equip our young adults and junior leaders to effectively apply the Royal Rangers program within their areas of responsibility.

  • EMPOWER - We will provide opportunities for young people to support their churches and communities through the practice of servant leadership.





Our vision

Our vision is to set up Royal Ranger outposts all over Thailand, to bring children and young people to Jesus, provide them with a safe and good environment in which they can grow spiritually and to equip them for their calling.

We want to train and develop leaders to enable them to do successful ranger and church work and by doing so, build God's kingdom in Thailand.

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