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Ranger Camp

The camp is the highlight of the year - here comes everything to live what the Rangers have practiced throughout the year.

It is a one-time experience that creates deep bonds and relationships for a lifetime.   

Royal Rangers 12
Royal Rangers 13
Royal Rangers 10
Royal Rangers 11
Royal Rangers 5
Royal Rangers 6
Royal Rangers 7
Royal Rangers 8
Royal Rangers 9
Royal Rangers 2
Royal Rangers 3
Royal Rangers 4
Royal Rangers 1

Leader training

Our leader training has different styles from seminars, workshops and interactive leader trainings


Once a week the Royal Rangers meet for the regular meeting. During this time they have a lotta fun, games and activities.

The learning important skills and spending a good time together.

Fun and creativity   

For us as rangers, it is very important to have fun and encourage creativity. We make funny videos, and whatever moms in our minds. 

Next leader generation

in Expedition Ranger we educate our next generation of leaders, we believe in Young People 

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