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Royal Rangers is structured in a hierarchy that extends from the
local outpost level all the way up
to the National Office.

The complete hierarchy is

  1. Local Outpost

  2. Section

  3. District

  4. Region

  5. National Office

At each corresponding level there is a Director or Coordinator who is responsible for certain aspects of Royal Rangers. The majority time the children spent at the Local Outpost level; however events at the Section, District, Region, or National Level provide to give them a big picture view of what Royal Rangers is all about.

Ranger Kids

Ranger Kids

The Ranger Kids Advancement Trail is based on the needs and interests in the age of 5-7 years. The trail represents a process for learning and growing through participation in fun activities, both with your group and at home. It is designed to provide everyone with opportunities for adventure and fun.

Discovery Rangers

is the Royal Rangers group from 8-10 years. Discovery Rangers enjoy many great adventures as they make new friends, learn new skills, develop leadership, and grow into the young disciples of Jesus. Ranger learn about topics such as First Aid skills, Rope Craft, Art, Fishing etc.

Discovery Rangers_edited.png
Adventure Rangers_edited.png

Adventure Rangers

Adventure Rangers is the Royal Rangers group from 11-13 years. Adventure Rangers have many opportunities to learn and grow as they do fun things with their friends, develop new skills, practice leadership & teamwork.

Ranger learn about topics such as Archery, Canoeing, Photography, or Skateboarding.

Expedition Rangers

Expedition Rangers is for the group of 14-17 year old Rangers. Expedition Rangers participate in a variety of activities of common interest to teen guys as they make friends, learn valuable skills, learn leadership, and grow into leadership.

Expedition Rangers learn about leadership skills.


Meeting Location

The Rangers meet outdoor in the parks, or on their church yards.

Meeting Time

Rangers meet one’s a week, some outpost meet on Sunday during regular church services, however, each outpost has the ability to set their own meeting dates and times.

Outpost Structure

The Royal Rangers program within the church is referred to as an “outpost”. 


The outpost may consist of one or more of the following age groups:


Ranger Kids 

Discovery Rangers 

Adventure Rangers 

Expedition Rangers

Learn more about the Ranger in our training.

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